Autumnal Sport


This week the weather has started to look, and feel, a little more Autumnal. We are still outdoors and enjoying the fresh air, it is such a welcomed break from the classroom, for both pupils and teachers!

The focus in PE this week has been on ‘Agility’ and how we move our feet to get to where we want to go. Little fun games of involving change in direction, the use of ladders and SAQ (speed, agility, and quickness) equipment have all led to pupils exploring how they move and encouraging them to use new ways, whilst remaining in control.

Exeter cricket ground has been an amazing open space for our Games afternoons, there is nothing quite like seeing up to 4 years groups enjoying the space in the sunshine and all year groups have been working hard on their cricket and rugby.

The year 2’s seem to be enjoying their first experience of Games, I saw lots of smiley, happy faces with Miss Norris and Mr Haywood where they were enjoying a mix of both rugby and cricket skills.

In FMS lessons we have been looking at coordination, I was very impressed with some Reception pupils who were able to throw a ball up, clap their hands, and catch it again! The older pupils looked at some juggling and skipping.

It’s been another great week, finished in style with 7R showing off their dance moves to High School Musical in their ‘Funky Friday’ form time lesson.

Thank you all for your continued effort.

Have a great weekend!





25 September 2020
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