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The SAA (The Society of All Artists) are fundraising for The Royal British Legion and Exeter Cathedral School will be taking part in a competition to win best Poppy display.

This challenge is a fantastic way of encouraging school children to paint and draw, whilst learning about the First World War at the same time.  We will let their creativity run wild with any materials to hand – collage, paint, coloured pencils…they will all make a great poppy painting!

The challenge is also aiming to raise vital funds for The Royal British Legion so, if you can, we would love for you to donate on behalf of your school.

What Mrs Reavill and the children would love even more is that parents and staff be involved too. There will be a pile of paper squares in the Chantry front hall and Hall House reception for any parent to collect and take home to create a poppy picture, your children will help with this I’m sure! (Names on the back please) We would like to create the display before term ends. The SAA are also giving a prize to the best school display so we would like to get on with creating one.

You can have a look at our ‘Artists of the Week’ in the front hall or in our newsletter for some inspiration.

Please also give share with your children any stories you have relating to World War 1 so they can talk to their teachers and friends and add to the knowledge and experience for all the pupils at our school.

21 September 2018
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