Art and baking fun for our Boarders!

⭐️ Star Boarder

It has been quite challenging for the Boarding Team to pick a Star Boarder this week, as the children have all been very good, embracing time spent together and looking after each other. Ellenna C (Year 7) stood out, however, by the kindness she has showed throughout the week towards her peers and the staff. Well done, Ellenna.


🎈 Birthday fun

On Monday, the boarders played charades with Ms Baxendale and had a really good time. There was a lot of laughter. We also celebrated Ellie M’s (Year 8) birthday and enjoyed a delicious chocolate cake made by Jo form the catering team. Thank you, Jo, and happy birthday, Ellie M.


🎨 Art session

On Tuesday, it was an art session that was organised, and children were able to use their art skills to paint different figures. Have a look at these beautiful creations. Mrs Reavill, the Art Teacher here at Exeter Cathedral School, was really impressed.


🙌 Adventure Saturdays & baking

Last weekend, our Adventure Saturdays took us to Clip ‘n’ Climb in Exeter where the children enjoyed some climbing. Earlier that day, Mrs Lake-Johns had organised a baking session in the school’s food technology room. On the menu that day, flap jacks! Don’t they look delicious?


Next weekend, we are going swimming at Exeter Riverside Leisure Centre. Would you like to join us? Adventure Saturdays is open to all ECS pupils in Years 3-8. To book, please do so by emailing Mr Baurance at: boarding@exetercs.org


Have a fantastic weekend,

Cédric Baurance
Head of Languages and Head of Boarding

21 January 2022
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