Another busy week in the boarding house!

Eliza A (Year 5) and Bogart G (Year 7) are our two Star Boarders this week. Well done to both of them. They have had a great week.

It has been another busy week for our boarders. Year 8 pupils are working hard and putting a lot of effort into their preparation for the forthcoming Common Entrance Exam. We wish them all good luck.

A lot of activities were organised this week for boarders to make sure they also have some fun and social time.

On Wednesday, Ms Baxendale organised an origami challenge. Boarders had to build a paper airplane, and then launch them from the top of the Chantry building to check whose could fly the longest distance.

Phoebe G (Year 8) was our big winner. Well done, Phoebe.

On Thursday, we took the children to the park where they always have a great time.

Next week, our Adventure Saturday will take us to iBounce in Exeter.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Mr Cedric Baurance

Head of Boarding

6 May 2022
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