Amazing ABRSM Results

The Music Department has received some amazing ABRSM results this term. Well done to the pupils (and member of staff) for doing so well. Pupils were awarded their certificates in the Headmaster’s Assembly on Thursday 13th December.

Jack A – Piano Grade 3 Merit
Thomas C – Cello Grade 4 Distinction
Jonathan G – Violin Grade 1 Pass
Alice H-M – Singing Grade 3 Merit
Emanuele M – Singing Grade 1 Merit
Maria N – Piano Grade 2 Merit
Ruari Q – Flute Grade 2 Distinction
Harry S – Horn Grade 2 Pass
Archie S – Trumpet Grade 1 Pass
Ben T – Violin Grade 1 Pass
Joshua T – Horn Grade 2 Merit

Theory Results
Oscar G – Music Theory Grade 5 Merit
Hector K – Music Theory Grade 5 Distinction
Ms Norris – Music Theory Grade 5 Distinction

14 December 2018
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