A Cactus’ Thoughts

The Scientists of Year 5 looked at a range of plants last week on National Poetry Day.

They explored a range of ideas from the pain of sitting upon a cactus to the parallels between the external structure of a cactus and the emotional depths of humans.

Henry C is to be especially congratulated upon his poem which is copied here but was presented in a most unusual way.  Henry intended his words to form a FACE shape on the page and to encourage the reader to turn the paper around in a circle in order to read the poem mimicking the whorls of spines around the cactus flesh.

Congratulations on your richly deserved Headmaster’s Commendation Henry!

A Cactus’ Thoughts
Henry C – Year 5

I am a cactus

I try to make

Friends but they

All get prickled and run away.

I can’t make friends because I can’t move to find them

Because I’m rooted to the ground.

No-one likes me because of my appearance

But people always say “it’s what is on the inside that counts”

So please can you say that about me?

11 October 2019
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