A Touch of the Wild

Reception Ladybirds and Frogs enjoyed a lively, if a little wet, trip to ‘A Touch of the Wild’ this week.

We began by going on a seed hunt to help Mr Squirrel restock his seed stall, talking about the different seeds we found and what they would grow in to. Once the stall was fully restocked, the children went off to explore the site at their leisure, with the mud kitchen (dubbed the hot chocolate factory by the children) being a particular hit. The children could buy seeds from Mr Squirrel’s stall (for the set price of two beautiful leaves) which they could then plant into pots they made themselves from newspaper.

We then made biscuits which we cooked over the fire, sandwiched between two beech leaves (which are edible once cooked). After lunch around the campfire, we all warmed up with hot chocolate before heading back to school. We all had a marvellous time, despite the rain.

18 October 2019
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