Year 4 Transport Talks

4B have presented Two-Minute talks this week on the topic of exciting modes of transport.

The objective was to express a point of view and to deliver convincing reasons to support their argument. Many were supported by leaflets and photographs and every member of the class had worked hard on the delivery of their talks and responded confidently to a question time at the end.

Amy-Linn took on the persona of a television broadcaster, providing her own television set and a beautifully constructed early horse-drawn caravan.

Henrietta gave us each a homemade hand out about Brittany ferries to support her informative talk. At the end of her presentation she gave a quiz based upon the leaflet.

Anna showed us a model of the 1902 State Landau used to carry Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her Silver Jubilee and for the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Sam and Henry both used Power Point for their talks.

Other modes of transport included a hovercraft, helicopter, electric trains and elephants.

Mrs Butler Evans
4B Class Teacher

27 March 2018
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