Cupcakes, games and Star Boarder! ⭐️

Dear Jacob,


⭐️ Star Boarder

Our Star Boarder this week is very special. Harry (Year 4) is our younger boarder and he started boarding a few weeks ago, only once to see how it goes. Harry enjoyed it so much that he asked his parents if he could board more often. Harry now boards every Thursday but occasionally also twice in the same week. Harry impressed us all this week with his positive attitude and hard work at prep time. Harry feels like he is part of the boarding family, and it is lovely to see him smile and be happy around all the other boarders, boarders who take good care of him and help him with his reading. Well done, Harry.



🧁 Cupcakes and games!

This week, boarders had a lot of fun. Part of it was making and decorating cupcakes with Ms Baxendale. They were delicious! The boarders also really enjoyed playing Prison Break with Mr Baurance. The aim of the game is to go from point A to point B in the dark without getting caught by the prison guard’s flashlight. A mix of physical activity, strategy, and teamwork.



🙌 Adventure Saturday (5 February): Donkey Sanctuary

Next weekend, our Adventure Saturday will take us to the Donkey Sanctuary.
If you would like to sign up, please email Mr Baurance at: boarding@exetercs.org


Cédric Baurance
Head of Languages and Head of Boarding

28 January 2022
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