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A unique scholarship programme tailored to your child.

ECS Awards is Exeter Cathedral School’s two-year, tailored scholarship programme (from Year 7 to Year 8) which attracts pupils from all over the U.K. and further who wish to truly flourish in an area (or areas) they are gifted in. Scholars get the opportunity to refine their passions and skills so they are completely set up for entering Year 9 at their senior school of choice. Continue reading to find out why ECS Awards is so unique and to register your interest for September 2023 (official applications open Autumn 2022)…

A two-year scholarship programme. A lifetime using the skills gained.

Mentoring by Specialist Heads of Department


Small group sizes

Learning in a spectacular setting

A chance to develop maturity and leadership

Refining knowledge and ambitions

The value of
joining us in Year 7

Bespoke Provision 

Exeter Cathedral School is a Prep School, meaning that we educate pupils up until the end of Year 8. Joining us at Year 7 through to Year 8 offers huge advantages to children: our pupils benefit from being part of a small school and can grow in independence, self-reliance, self-awareness and self- confidence in a tailor-made and nurturing environment. 

Valuing the Individual 

We focus on educating ‘the whole child’. Our average class size is 15, and we are proud to know each and every one of our pupils as an individual. Our pupils can continue being children whilst learning about themselves and honing the skills they need to flourish at secondary school. 

Superb Preparation and Future Success

At the end of Year 8, all of our pupils move on to one of their chosen secondary schools: some choose state secondaries, some choose grammar schools, and some choose independent schools. 

Whatever the family’s choice, we work alongside parents/guardians and the children to find the right school for them. In both 2020 and 2021, 84% of our Year 8 pupils secured a scholarship – some with double/ triple awards – at their first-choice senior school (with significant fee remission). 

Hear from those who have experienced ECS Awards…

“Having watched our children grow and flourish at Exeter Cathedral School from their very early days in the nursery – the ECS Awards offers a fabulous programme in the upper years to hone passions and skills, learning in small groups with  Specialist Heads of Department.  It’s a collegiate experience where Scholars develop maturity and leadership as well as refining their knowledge and ambitions.  As a parent it offers your child a real sense of achievement.”
ECS Parent
“Getting an Art Scholarship has given me the confidence to go for the things I wouldn’t usually go for”
Kersten, ECS Award Holder
“The focus on Art at Exeter Cathedral School in the last few years has become infectious; Art Scholars quickly gain a reputation for having the most fun on Friday afternoons; when they can explore their mindful, reflective selves with a cup of tea and a biscuit, some relaxing music and immersed in the wit of Warhol and Lichtenstein, the colours of Gaudi and the latest digital forays of Hockney”
ECS Parent
“I enjoyed my interview with Mr Featherstone, which was more of a chat, although he did ask me some challenging questions! I am overjoyed to be an Award scholar and can’t wait to take part in all the upcoming school productions.”
Henry, ECS Award Holder
“As parents we found the process really clear and at the level that engaged our child completely. We consider it a great opportunity to enhance children’s applications for future schools both in terms of the experience of the application and interview but also if they are lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship, it could also help with future school applications.”
ECS Parent

Frequently asked questions

ECS Awards 2023 is open to any pupils (those not currently at Exeter Cathedral School as well as to those who are) who would be joining the school in Year 7 from September 2023.

ECS Awards has been designed with the individual in mind. It is a tailored scholarship programme to recognise your child’s enthusiasm, commitment, potential, passion and talent. Every child who receives a scholarship will benefit from:

  • Tailored learning 
  • Mentoring by Specialist Heads of Department 
  • Small group sizes 
  • Learning in a spectacular setting
  • A unique chance to develop maturity and leadership 
  • The refining of knowledge and ambitions

Your child(ren) may apply for, and be assessed in, up to two of the following awards:

  • Music Award
  • Sport Award
  • Visual/Performing Arts Award
  • Academic Award


  • Headmaster’s Award (The Headmaster’s Award is for a candidate that our Headmaster, Mr James Featherstone, believes embodies the spirit and habits of Exeter Cathedral School, including character, enthusiasm and commitment. The endorsing and upholding of core values; the modelling and promoting of the right habits; and the acquiring and practising of key skills: this is at the heart of our curriculum (both hidden and explicit), our interactions, our decision-making and our expectations.)
  • The Devon Award (This is an award offered to a deserving candidate, from any discipline, who is currently in Year 6, attending a Devon LEA primary school. It is a means tested award which offers a fully-funded place at the school: a 100% free place.)

Due to the highly-anticipated nature of ECS Awards, we have opened up a waiting list for parents to quickly and easily register their interest, with whom we will make contact as soon as official applications open (September 2022).

For any questions regarding ECS Awards, please contact us on: admissions@exetercs.org  |  01392 255 298

If your child is awarded a scholarship after being assessed (assessment day takes place in February), we will inform you of the percentage that will be reduced from your child’s school fees (should you accept the scholarship), which we refer to as ‘school fee remission’.

On top of school fee remission, bursaries are also available.

Finally, there is one fully-funded place which is available through The Devon Award.

Yes, of course. We encourage families to book a private tour to see what makes Exeter Cathedral School so special. To arrange a private tour, please contact our Admissions Manager via: admissions@exetercs.org   |   01392 255 298

Our ECS Awards scholarship programme lasts for two years. Pupils begin in Year 7 (September 2023) and finish at the end of Year 8 (July 2025).

Our website has lots of information that you can read up on about our school: https://www.exetercathedralschool.co.uk/about-us

However if you would like to speak to someone regarding any questions you may have, please contact our friendly admissions team and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible: admissions@exetercs.org or 01392 255 298

Interested in ECS Awards? Join the waiting list today to be contacted as soon as applications open, or arrange a private tour by contacting us via our details below.

You can contact us to find out more or arrange a tour of Exeter Cathedral School:


01392 255 298

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