At Exeter Cathedral School, the Mathematics Department takes great pride in making Mathematics accessible and enjoyable for all pupils.

We engage in a variety of teaching techniques to inspire and enthuse everyone from pies on Pi Day to interactive learning and mathematical games; practical activities are at the heart of learning throughout the School.

For the most able mathematicians, we run the Maths Scholarship Club, where pupils are challenged with higher order thinking and advanced skills in algebra, preparing them to tackle the most demanding of entrance tests and scholarship examinations.

With small classes, superb resources and specialist teaching, we enable everyone to reach their potential. Our success is not just based on the highest achievers. As teachers, we are so proud of the progress and achievements of each and every one of our pupils.

Our pupils are often surprised at how much they enjoy Mathematics and make steady progress during their time at the School: ‘I can’t believe I would ever say this but by the end I was enjoying Maths and I even started to look forward to coming to Maths lessons!’


How have ECS pupils progressed at Senior School?


‘Not only was the pupil the only person to take Level 3, she achieved a grade A which is remarkable’ (Blundell’s)

‘He achieved the highest mark of all entrants’ (Charter House)

For September 2018 a pupil has been awarded a specialist Mathematics Scholarship to Wells Cathedral School.

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