Vision & Values

Exeter Cathedral School is an Ancient foundation with Traditional values and a Modern approach.

The School seeks to:

  • Be a happy and purposeful community where people matter.
  • Promote the central importance of the development of character.
  • Be a place where children can be children, where learning – in all its forms – is taken seriously, and where each and every child is known and valued as an individual.
  • Offer a first-rate all-round educational experience where the focus is on developing the whole child. Our job is to work with families to help our pupils acquire the right habits for life.
  • Foster a supportive, purposeful, stimulating and gently-Christian environment, in which the following provision to pupils is recognised as being paramount and held in high regard:

Academic rigour

Exceptional pastoral care and pupil wellbeing

Bright and modern facilities

A broad and exciting range of extra-curricular activities

A high-calibre sporting and wellbeing education

A world-class musical education

An unparalleled musical heritage and history

A sense of spirituality, timelessness, and wonder, borne out of our ancient foundations as a 12th century choir school

Our Values, Habits and Skills

The endorsing and upholding of core values; the modelling and promoting of the right habits; and the acquiring and practising of key skills: this is at the heart of our curriculum (both hidden and explicit), our interactions, our decision-making and our expectations.

The following Habits are explicitly promoted and modelled to, and expected of, our pupils and staff

Pre-Prep Golden Rules                                

We are kind and helpful
We are gentle
We listen
We look after property
We are honest
We work hard

Prep School Habits

The habit of hard work
The habit of honouring your commitments
The habit of having a go and keeping going
The habit of taking part
The habit of listening
The habit of being honest, modest and kind
The habit of looking after other people
The habit of looking after your surroundings
The habit of looking after yourself