Art and Design

Opportunities to create, to invent, to design and to make abound at ECS.

Our Art & Design department is housed in the former Great Hall of the Old Deanery and is spread over two floors: our Art classroom is upstairs and our Design/Technology studio is on the ground floor, leading onto our Outdoor Classroom in the Old Deanery Garden.

All pupils in the Prep School receive an Art & Design lesson each week in this dedicated space, and after-school clubs in Art & Design are offered to those children interested in developing their talents and passions further.  In addition, the Art strand of our weekly Senior Enrichment Programme allows those with a love for visual arts to further immerse themselves in the creative world under the tuition of our Head of Art & Design, and allows those pursuing scholarship ambitions to receive specialist tuition and to work on their portfolio for their Art Scholarship exam to their chosen senior school.

In 2017, 3 pupils sat for Art Awards to senior school: all 3 were successful.