Admissions Procedure

Applying for a place to join the Pre-Prep (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) at Exeter Cathedral School is very straightforward.

Entry can be at any time of year into any academic year in which there is space.  All places are subject to availability and our standard admission procedures.  Our Registrar, Mrs Lucy Lewis will be very pleased to help with all stages of this process.

The Admission procedure:

Request a prospectus via the link below or by calling the School Registrar.

We will help you arrange a visit.  This will include a tour of the School with the Headmaster and the Head of Pre-Prep.

Registration.  We suggest that you register your child, either before or after your visit, by completing and returning a registration form and registration fee.

We will help you arrange a Taster Day. The aim of the day is to ascertain that your child will be happy and will thrive at ECS.  It is not a day of tests, although there will be some light-touch assessing taking place through taught lessons.  If your child has a particular interest – PE, art, swimming etc, the taster day can be arranged on a day when this activity takes place.  Pupil mentors are assigned to take special care of visiting children.

Feedback and offering of a place.  Members of staff who have taught your child will provide feedback to the Head of Pre-Prep and the Headmaster.  If all has gone well a formal offer of a place will be made.

For full details please refer to the School’s Admission Policy.

Registration Form

For information about our Reception intake in the Pre-Prep, please read our Information Booklet below.

Reception Welcome Information Booklet