Assessment and the need for responsive teaching 

It has been another extraordinary year with most public examinations for pupils being cancelled for the second year running.

The role of assessment has once more become central to educational discourse. It is undeniable that learning this year has taken a different path for many children and calls for ‘catch-up’ and worries about ‘learning loss’ are understandable across the sector.   

Our focus since returning has been to understand the impact of remote learning both academically and pastorally. In the classroom, we have sought to gather information about pupils’ learning and identify misconceptions in a variety of low-stake formats – quizzes, verbal answers, multiple-choice questions etc. have all helped pupils to showcase their learning and build confidence.   

Teacher feedback from these types of assessments has been crucial in helping us to respond to the needs of our pupils. Reimagining learning priorities, revisiting skills, refining the standard of work and catering for individual needs have all contributed to further academic success for all at ECS.   

The recent exams have not only demonstrated how assessment at ECS continues to be an inherent part of our learning and teaching process, but also the importance of teamwork. Teachers working together to share practice, pupil successes and next steps continues to be a key part of what we do and something we relish.   

Teamwork, however, stretches beyond the professionalism and positivity of our teaching team to encompass our ECS families. Conversations celebrating your child’s progress and discussions about their next steps are important to us and ones that we will always make time for.   

In response to an extraordinary year, we are delighted to have worked with you to help shape a set of remarkable learners. Feedback loops and open channels of communication remain key, and parents/guardians are always welcome to be in touch about their child’s academic journey.  

Mr Andy Bartlett
Senior Deputy Head
11 June 2021
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