After ECS

Aged 13, at the end of Year 8, our pupils move on to a wide range of leading senior schools.

Scholarships and Awards

We are proud of our outstanding track record of scholarships.  Our Head of Scholarships & Enrichment provides guidance and preparation for those wishing to pursue a scholarship to senior school, and our Senior Enrichment Programme (LINK) offers dedicated curriculum time for the discovery of passions, the honing of skills, and preparation for scholarship tests and interview days.

In 2017, 34 scholarships were awarded to our Year 8 pupils:

Scholarships, Exhibitions and Awards  2017
Music and Choral 18
Academic 6
Sport 1
Drama/Performing Arts 3
Art & Design 3
All-Rounder / HM’s Award 3


Senior Schools and Public Exams

We work alongside families to help our senior pupils discover the right school for them. We support those who wish to transfer to the maintained sector and those moving on to one of the country’s leading independent/public schools, whether as a day pupil or as a boarder.  In 2017 we achieved a 100% Common Entrance pass rate.

Recent Leavers’ Destinations
Exeter School
King’s College, Taunton
Notre Dame
Plymouth College
St Wilfred’s School
The Maynard
Taunton School
Wellington School
Wells Cathedral School